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What are energy efficient windows??

One of the most significant ways that a home’s overall energy rating can be improved is by selecting the right energy efficient windows.  This will improve the comfort of your new home, reduce your electricity consumption and may also improve the resale value.

5 important reasons why Energy efficient windows should be in your new home.

  1.  87% of heat that enters your home comes through the windows  Ordinary windows have been identified in recent energy studies as a ‘thermal leak’ in an otherwise well insulated wall.  Similar studies have shown that 49% of heat lost in homes during winter is transmitted through ordinary windows.  Similarly, 87% of heat gained in summer is transmitted through these same windows.  Instead, well orientated energy efficient windows can keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter.  Windows also play a significant role in improving the comfort of homes and reducing energy bills.
  2. Only well ‘tuned’ windows will keep your home comfortable. When it comes to window performance, one size does NOT fit all. It is only by ‘tuning’ the windows and glass to your climate zone that you can achieve the maximum benefit that energy efficient windows can provide. The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) database can assist home builders in selecting the right energy rated window for their location.  The heating and cooling stars found in the WERS database are a measure of the thermal properties for each window.  For example, a window with 5 cooling stars and 1 heating star would be best suited for a very hot climate like Cairns as the main function of the window is ‘cooling’.    Alternatively, the friendly staff at Lifestyle Windows would be happy to help you through this process free of charge.
  3. 6 star is here and 7 star is coming.  Will your house be left behind? Queensland has moved to a 6 star energy rating on all new homes in Queensland since May 2010. Some people within the building industry have mistakenly suggested that the only way to achieve this higher rating is to remove or reduce the size of certain windows. With energy efficient windows you can have the windows you want while maintaining a very energy efficient home. Most home owners want the benefits of coastal living, including large windows and doors that maximise views, connectivity to the outdoors, and performance and colour options available with aluminium. By using energy efficient windows from Lifestyle Windows, these benefits are not compromised.
  4. The right frames mean windows look better for longer and are low maintenance. Differing window frames (wood, pvc) provide different overall energy ratings compared to aluminium.  The frame design (slider, awning) generally does not impact the energy rating of the window as the materials used are the same. Using plastic (pvc) or timber windows may give ‘better’ results in some climate zones.  However, these products are more likely to swell, fade, become brittle and even warp,  Hence, aluminium is the best and most suited product for the Australian climate. We also have ThermalHeart technology which delivers very high energy ratings, comparible to those of timber and PVC. The harsh UV rays produced by the sun in Australia require a tough powder coated or anodised aluminium frame that can stand up to our punishing environment. Aluminium has proven to stand the test of time in Australian windows for the past 50 years.
  5. Energy efficient windows make good senseIt is inevitable that the minimum standards (and taxes) on energy will continue to rise over the coming years.  This means that when it comes time to sell your home that it will most likely be below the new minimum standards at that time.  Potential buyers may use a ‘substandard’ energy rating as a lever to negotiate a lower sale price (particularly if it is below the minimum standard at that time).  The costs incurred to achieve a higher energy rating will be a powerful negotiation tool in the future, particularly as energy prices continue to rise.      Many countries in Europe have announced that they are planning on 10 star homes as standard by 2020.  It makes good sense to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible to enhance the value of your investment and also reduce your energy bills as electricity prices continue to rise. Come and see for yourselfWe would like to invite you to visit our award winning showroom at Coolum.  We have a huge range of windows, doors, Bi-folds and stacker doors on display.  We also have an interactive glass display, photo galleries, and qualified technical staff that will provide you advice and those building a new home with a source of great ideas.  Our showroom boasts the only Low E interactive glass simulator on the Sunshine Coast.  This allows you to experience firsthand the reduction in heat transfer that performance windows provide.  We often hear our customers say that being able to see and experience windows in real-life greatly assists them in making the right decisions for their windows.Energy efficient Glass has certain properties that can result in a phenomenon known as Thermal Fracture. If you are considering performance glass please download the following document so you are aware of the possible issues associated.
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When burglars enter a home, most often it will be by breaking through a window or door.  In most cases, windows are the easiest place by which unwanted intruders can gain entry to homes.  Lifestyle windows have a wide range of security products that can significantly increase the security and safety of your windows and doors for peace of mind.
Within our security range there are 4 security levels options ranging from good to best.
Toughened glass – Through a heat treatment process called tempering, toughened glass is superior to ordinary glass because it is 4-5 times harder to break.  This means that the amount of force required to break the glass is much higher when toughened glass is used. Consideration: Toughened glass is much harder to break but when broken will break into very small pieces and leave most of the window area open.
Laminated Glass – Laminated glass has the same strength of ordinary glass but has the added advantage of a transparent thin film (interlayer) that is bonded in between two sheets of glass.  All car windscreens use this glass technology so that if the glass is broken the broken pieces of glass will hold together.  This means that if someone breaks a window to gain entry into your home that the interlayer will hold the broken glass pieces together making entry much more difficult and time consuming.Consideration: Laminated glass has the same strength as ordinary glass but is very difficult to cut through when broken.
Security screens – Security screens help restrict access to windows and glass.  This increases the time taken to gain entry and will sometimes mean that thieves will look for an easier place to enter. Consideration: It is important to remember that unless security screens cover every pane of glass in each window, thieves will often break the fixed glass not covered by screens to gain entry.
Toughened Laminated Glass – Just as the name implies, toughened laminated glass combines the benefit of being 4-5 times stronger than ordinary glass and also will hold together even when broken.  Toughened laminated glass also uses a thicker transparent film than standard laminate for added security making it even more difficult to cut through after the glass is broken.ConsiderationToughened laminated glass will fit in most windows and is the most secure glass available. The additional processing involved increases the cost of this product.
Lifestyle windows also have a range of innovative window products that can improve the overall security of your windows.  Within some of our residential series we have dual locking windows that allow you to have the window open slightly to allow a breeze but still have the window securely key locked.
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Lifestyle windows now have a fully tested BAL40 bushfire window and door range. Testing was conducted in a NATA accredited laboratory, and exceeded AS 1530.8.1:2007 to comply with the requirements of AS 3959: 2009. Our system is a complete bushfire resistant solution for all bushfire attack levels up to and including BAL-40 without the need for external shutters.
The unique Australian designed and manufactured double glazed window system protects from ember attack and close proximity fires. The window system is specially designed to reduce the transfer of radiant heat from a bushfire to the inside of your home. Incorporating double glazing technology, you not only get double the protection but achieve the highest energy ratings, providing all year round comfort and significant energy savings. Even when subjected to high radiation levels there is an amazing reduction in the radiant heat transferred through the window and glass. By reducing the radiant heat transfer there is not only protection for combustible materials such as curtains and furniture, it also offers further protection to the occupants.
Many locations where bushfires are a concern are commonly associated with superb views. Our system allows you to build your home with bushfire safety and easily meet the increasing energy efficiency requirements.
Bushfire Windows & Doors
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Our range of acoustically sealed frames and acoustic glass can reduce noise by up to 45%, making your home more comfortable and a more relaxing place in which to live.  Many people often assume that double glazing is best for noise reduction.  While double glazing is slightly better than standard glass, acoustically rated laminated glass will be far more effective in reducing unwanted noise.As our cities grow and our suburbs become more densely populated the levels of noise and stress in suburban areas has also increased.
Unwanted noise penetrating a home or building is of concern to almost every home owner. Neighbourhood noise levels are often a key consideration when choosing land or purchasing an existing home.  Irritating noise can come from many sources including:  neighbours, traffic, trains, animals, aircraft, parties or just ambient noise.   Windows and doors are often the weakest link in the sound insulating chain.  Recent innovations in window frames and glass have come a long way to eliminating unwanted noise from entering your home.
Our products can even be installed into your existing home by replacing your current windows.  What’s more, you can even incorporate energy efficient glass at the same time and gain two benefits at the same time.When measuring the db (decibel) reduction, some presume that a 10db reduction in noise is really not that much.  In fact, it is a lot!  For example, if sound increases from 80db to 90db it is doubling the volume or noise. Likewise, if you are able to improve (reduce) the db performance of your windows by reducing noise by 10 db then you have halved the amount of noise that will enter through that window!!
For more information on the db scale please feel free to call us and one of our trained acoustic consultants will be able to assist you with technical information.Our customers often say that they are so pleased that they considered the acoustic performance of their windows as it has made a real difference to the noise levels and comfort in their new home.


Is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin”. The powder may be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer. It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. Powdercoat allows for a wider range of colours and is easily touched up should it get scratched or damaged.
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Is a very old and established process and was developed for commercial applications in the early 1930’s. It is still in service on buildings built in the 1950’s, Anodising continues to stand the test of time today. Anodising is the process for producing a translucent film of aluminium oxide which forms an integral part of aluminium. This is produced by applying direct current through a suitable electrolyte (dilute sulphuric acid) in which the aluminium is the anode and a suitable material e.g. (lead) is the cathode. Anodising has a limited amount of colours and can be difficult to touch up in the event of scratches or the like.