Bi-fold Doors



  • High performance architectural sliding door system designed for high rise apartments.
  • The 101.60mm frame is compatible with CentreGLAZE™ and FrontGLAZE™ framing and can be coupled together in runs of framing and doors.
  • The door is ideal for projects that require very high water resistance when the door panels are not excessively big.
  • As the moving sash is on the outside, we achieve very high water resistance – 600Pa. Also complies with the air conditioning requirements of the Australian Standard.
  • There are a large variety of door combinations possible (XF, FX, FXF, XFF, FFX and FXXF).
  • We can fit sliding flydoors on the inside.
  • Doors can be fitted with surface or mortice deadlocks.
  • Sashes run on custom lowline heavy duty double bogey wheel carriages.
  • Tall bottom rail designed for added strength and makes the doors proportionally correct.
  • Unwanted head recess is fitted with snap-in flat closer to ensure that the clean looks are maintained.
  • Matching Series 461 sliding window available.
Bi-fold Doors SERIES 471 APARTMENT product sheet

SERIES 702 AND 704

  • The Series 702 & 704 high performance sliding door has been tested for compliance with the relevant Australian Standards. Achieved a very high water resistance of >600Pa and complied with the air conditioning requirements of the standard.
  • The extra strong multi-hollow meeting stiles allow large sliding doors to be fabricated in high wind load areas.
  • There are a large variety of door combinations possible XXF, FXX, XF, FX, FXF, XFF, FFX, FXXF and FXXXXF. A 90º corner unit FX^XF and FXX^XXF also available.
  • Compatible with the high performance Series 406 / 606 and 426 / 626 FrontGLAZE™ framing.
  • Doors can be fitted with surface mounted deadlock, mortice lock or multi-point mortice lock.
  • Doors run on heavy duty double bogey wheel carriages.
  • Aluminium sub-sills are available and should be used in all installations.
  • 704’s can be fitted with internal sliding or roller flydoors and 702’s with external only.
Bi-fold Doors SERIES 702 AND 704 product sheet


  • Series 50 doors with 50mm thick stiles are significantly stronger than industry standard 44mm thick doors.
  • 50mm thick doors are ideal for over height doors – they comply.
  • Series 50 doors have removable snap-on glazing beads on horizontals and wrap around stiles.
  • Stile to rail joint is securely fixed with custom spigot assembly.
  • Door glass can be blocked with custom stile glazing block and adjustable setting block.
  • Series 50 doors will accept glass up to 10.38mm thick. Series 52 will accept Double Glazing
  • Horizontal rails can be fitted with square or splayed glazing beads.
  • 19mm high glazing beads ensure that the glass gets the right bite.
  • Can be security glazed with captive external glazing wedge.
  • Four midrail options 50mm, 115mm, 125mm and 200mm deep.
  • Lock stile wide enough to accept most lock types.
Bi-fold Doors SERIES 50 COMMERCIAL SLIDER product sheet

Bifold Door FAQs

You can opt for double glazing using 20/24mm additional insulating glass panels on any of our bi-fold doors.

While we are proud of the water-resistance of all of our doors, our Series 471, 702 and 704 bi-fold doors are high-performance doors, achieving a very high water-resistance of >600Pa. While for projects where the door panels are not excessively big, our Series 471 apartment bi-fold doors provide strong water-resistance.